Depending on what you read or who
you listen to, a thousand and one
ingredients have been proposed as
necessary for entrepreneurs these
days. Some will tell you all you need is resilience (I used to
think that too), some will say you need
solid financial backing, some will even
say all you need is to know your
market. Events of the past couple of
days have highlighted the importance of a previously unknown or unspoken
phenomenon….. Opposition Inspired Nastiness. Do you understand what I mean? If
you don’t read on…. While rubbing minds with fellow
Entrepreneurs based in Colchester
Essex, it occurred to me that
Opposition Inspired Nastiness (OIN) is
a significant cause of business
closures today. OIN comes in many guises, but the effect is the same…
catastrophic. Something quite bizarre happened the
other day – a friend (and fellow


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