10 Thoughts To Conquer Your Fear Of Failure

Sales can be terrifying. What do you
do if you get rejected? How do you
respond to someone if you don’t know
the answer to their question? What if
you can’t close the deal? The fear of falling short is something
that every salesperson encounters
during their career. It happens to the
best of reps, and the worst of reps. The difference is the best ones get
over their fear of failure quickly. They bounce back, move on, and put
their fear behind them. And, as a
result, they become successful. Need to bounce back fast? Check out
this list of 10 thoughts to get you over
your fear of failing. This fear extends
well beyond the world of sales, but it
can hit reps especially hard. So the
next time you’re afraid to make a move because you don’t want to strike
out, turn to this SlideShare.


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