Sales & Marketing (the distinc.)

In any successful industry or enterprise, the role of marketing or salrs promotion is never underated or treated with levity.

Most business owners are use to sales (tho most don’t like the word) be it products or services but the real deal falls on how to make a successful and consistent sales.

Many businesses has suffered a huge step back and eventually gone on extinction as a result of difficult application of “Marketing Strategy” into their sale’s experience and promotion. (Its quite sad that some business never admit and adopt the new system of marketing which is “information selling”, especially in the current world economy where competitors are growing largely in size everyday.

Now the question is: What is the information? Information is best define as product of knowledge. Knowledge on its own is the “right infornation in circulation”.

Either your business is into direct selling, door to door marketing, sales & distribution, service provision, or logistics and warehousing … Beit Small or Large business, selling of information is needed to survive in this 21st century business.

What do I mean by “selling information?” Well, to the simplest, most existing businesses are based on the foundation of innovation and not invention. .. I mean people already familiar about your type of product or service, you already have multiple competitors out there, how different your product is is the only thing left to sell. And that is “information”.


•With the opportunities social media has brought to this generation, many businesses has migrated their marketing from bill post, fliers, and word of mouth to a more modernized and cost effective online marketing. Its not a news anymore that billions of dollar bills is flying on the internet.

Nevertheless, “word of mouth” is still the most productive mode of marketing.

Cherish your Early Adopters.



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