Cassava Scarcity in the open Market.

Last week I was on a visit to some major cassava farmers in Ijebu-Imushin, my visit was based on the “scarcity of cassava on the open market”. Most importantly, Garri, a major product from cassava which was formally sold at N600 per 4litr rubber earlier this year is now presently selling at N800 and above (depending on the quality).

Like I thought as much, the major hike in price of Garri & other cassava products was said to rest on three major factors.

1. Weather

2. Low investment on cultivation.

3. Instability of pest control.

The Last two factors are the major cause of cassava scarcity and low turnover over late last year & Early this year till present.


My next post will be on the major pest fighting cassava’s optimal yield. ” Cassava Mosaic”.



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