5 Easy Ways to Be 5x More Productive

Productivity is key to sales. There will
never be enough time in the day to
finish absolutely everything you have
to, so the only way to up your output
is to make better use of your hours in
the office. That’s where the concept of “flow”
comes in. In psychology, flow — also
known as “the zone” — is the state of
being at peak productivity. When
you’re in flow, you perform at a level
five times above your normal productivity, according to a 10-year McKinsey study. Flow isn’t easy to achieve, especially
on a crowded sales floor where you’re
surrounded by other people’s
conversations. But each of these five
tactics will improve your focus and
bring you closer to being in the zone. 1) Break up your day into
“activity chunks.” One reason multitasking is so
ineffective is that it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to productivity after a distraction.