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3 Aggressive Sales Closing Tactics That Make Prospects Say “Yes” & When to Use Them

Though pushy sales tactics are usually
frowned upon in today’s business
world, there is a time and a place for
aggressive closing strategies.
While they have a poor reputation,
they’re sometimes the best option at the end of the sales process. However, it’s critical for salespeople to
understand when and where to use
them and when not to. If you use
them at the wrong time or with the
wrong client, you could lose the sale,
but sometimes, taking away other options for your clients can be your
best move. It’s no doubt risky, but it
can be effective at times. The three aggressive closing strategies
below can be successful when used


Marketing 101 -Overcoming rejection

The term rejection is paramount in marketing
any product/ service as everybody wont need it at a particular point in time. Most
often,while on field, I do tell my marketing
team members to see themselve as a coffee
waiter in a coffee shop, going from one
person to another in search for anyone who
needs your service. you should always expect rejection. while some will raise their mug for
coffee, some will warmly tell u “not now” and
others will wave their tiny hand to give you a
capital “NO”, but dat shouldnt bother an
enthusiastic marketer. I personally record a
‘NO’ as “put more effort” only with dat, I usually prevent my mind from depression.
To a limited mind dwelling amidst mediocre,
rejection equals depression. especially when it
comes in continuesly.
From gathered expirience, the best way to
win depression from any rejection is to cultivate d habbit of affairmation.
i.e. continually speak positively into ur life
actions, even when success seldom feasible.